100 Wardour St creates satirical ‘The Politicians’ menu

100 Wardour St The Politicians menu

Soho bar 100 Wardour St is continuing to “contort the conventions of cocktail creation” with a new tongue-in-cheek menu inspired by political satire.

The new autumn offering, developed by head mixologist Federico Pasian and bar manager Marco Sangion, has been designed to offer some light-hearted humour in uncertain state of current affairs, transforming some of the world’s most renowned public characters into cocktail creations.

Inspired by recent events, the May on the Rocks combines the bitter hues of cognac with sweet notes of strawberry in memory of Theresa May’s last days as leader, whilst Vladimir Putin is vandalised in the vodka-based beverage Pride.

Other concoctions on the list are dedicated to the likes of Donald Trump, Emmanuel Macron, Kim Jong-un and Angela Merkel.

Head bartender Federico Pasian said: “Creating this menu and looking into the personalities of these renowned figures was a lot of fun.

“Being able to tease out the humour and satire surrounding the reputations of these political individuals has resulted in a daring and experimental cocktail menu which I hope makes people laugh, especially in the current climate of uncertainty”.

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