EPoS systems from 3R

3R Epos was established in 2007 to provide electronic Point of Sales systems, payment solutions, mobile top-ups, international calling cards, and access to buying groups. Based on this success, 3R has acquired other point of sale companies, which are integrated onto the 3R platform with world-class service and growth, despite pressure on the UK economy.

3R has worked closely with CES software to achieve the highest of standards and to deliver the best results. Its state-of-the-art EPoS systems are designed in such a way it becomes an integral part of your business. 3R offers a variety of third party links to industry standard applications that help emphasise the ‘all in one’ system. As 3R is not tied to specific hardware, it can boast plug and play for a wide range of peripherals and the software works amazingly with almost any brand of hardware that
you prefer.

Assembled with detailed reporting functionalities which will help to minimize costs while maximising profits, these systems are excellent for any industry. With over 16 years’ experience, 3R knows that customer satisfaction is of great importance and it values feedback from its passionate customers.

There is no holding CES back as it introduces the ultimate restaurant reservation link to ResDiary. With the CES launch taking place only a few months ago, the development team has been working incredibly hard and are now ready to announce a new exciting partnership with ResDiary.

ResDiary is a market-leading online booking system for restaurants, created by developers who have a full understanding of exactly what it is like to run a fast-paced, successful restaurant and has a simple link that can save you a lot of time and help you to run your business smoothly.

ResDiary for total management and online reservations
A new link for ResDiary has been developed in Touch v9.0.023 and is ready for customers to use. The link enables Touch and ResDiary to interact and continually update each other as soon as anything changes on either system allowing you to keep up-to-date.

The new screen, developed in Touch, continuously reads in and displays the ResDiary bookings for the current day. This allows you to plan your day efficiently. This screen is also used to confirm arrivals and transfer the booking to the relevant change sheet allowing you to keep on top of all your
bookings. Any operations done on this screen will update the booking status and feed the information back to ResDiary – it’s that simple!

A reservation confirmation can be done and a simple SMS will be automatically sent to the guests and the reservations will be placed into your ResDiary reservation system with a telephone capture of your guest’s telephone number.

A system not only for taking reservations…
Walks-ins are a vital part of running a hospitality business. Touch has developed a simple but dynamic concept to help manage reservations and walk ins. ResDiary will make sure that before a walk in is allocated a table, Touch will check directly with ​ResDiary to make sure there are no bookings due. If available, the table will get opened as a walk in on both ends and the ResDiary booking ID will show in Touch.

As the ResDiary and Touch work together on numerous elements, it doesn’t stop there. If there is a booking due within the next 90 minutes, Touch will show a message telling you what time the next booking is due for that table. You will then be asked if you would like to open the table anyway and
you will be able to override ResDiary and open the table if you wish. ResDiary gives the user full flexibility and allows you to adjust any table right from your 3R EPoS Till System.

Michael Morris, senior software analysis of CES Software said: “We are beyond excited to be introducing The ResDiary Link, integrated to CES Touch. Our team has been working continuously hard as can be seen through the results of the products. We remain committed, as always, to ensuring the software remains a market leader and we are confident it will appeal to dealers and

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