3 Ideas to Bring in More Clients on Slow Days

Gaining an edge with clientele against competitors is vital to making any bar or restaurant a success. Yet, before you start making changes, it is important to study data on your customer demographics and behaviours through a social WiFi provider. This will also confirm your quietest times, where you need to focus your efforts. Knowing the ages and gender of most of your guests will help with accurate planning and increase the chances of success with new weekly events, promotions and theme nights on slow days

Weekly events

Weekly events like quiz nights that include prizes reduces the drop off from these types of events. If you want something a little different, consider charades or a Pictionary-style game using easel-mounted pads of paper and markers.

Weekly sporting events could be part of a league competition to encourage regular visits. Poker competitions, pool tournaments, or a darts league could see the overall winner awarded with a prize from The Eternity Rose. To maintain interest in a league, book a coach for an hour to teach the fundamentals of the game to beginners and have the rest of the evening free to continue the game.

Your stock needs to be able to cater to those needing more affordable options, with some of the best brands for corporate clients. If you do not have kitchen staff, loaning out cutlery so that food can be delivered to your establishment means customers may stay longer.

Promotions and live music

Running a happy hour for a couple of hours between 4pm and 8pm on weekdays with special offers can pull customers to your bar after work. Tequila Tuesdays, Thirsty Thursday or Fizzy Friday not only entice new customers but helps keep current clients.

Engage with customers through the use of mobile jukebox apps. Customers can see what is playing and request songs from a list the management has already approved. In this way, guests hear the music they want to hear and can be incentivised with free credits on the app.

Seek out independent bands who are recognised locally and when they release a new song or an album, have an acoustic performance on the day of release to draw in their fans who may never have been in the bar before.  

Karaoke nights remain popular, particularly with Millennials, which can give your bar the edge if this is your target demographic. As a group activity, Karaoke will bring in groups of friends, with the potential of new regulars being in the group. These are also fun events for corporate clientele to unwind after work.

Theme nights

Ask your staff for their ideas or their opinion on the ideas you have, since they work closely with your guests each day. You could ask a local brewery to work with you on creating a cross-promotional dinner menu that gives your regulars a unique dining experience.

Throwback Thursday can be themed nights from the 60s, 80s or 90s, depending on your customer demographic, with music from the decade and customers dressing up for the night out.

Speed dating or speed networking gives your guests the chance to spend five minutes getting to know each person who has signed up. Provide some conversation starters to get the ball rolling and offer a half-price cocktail afterwards so they can continue to chat with those they have met.  

Use the social media hashtag of #MotivationMonday to offer a special cocktail plus a motivation quote that changes each Monday. “When life gives you Monday, dip it in glitter and sparkle all day.”

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