30&40 celebrates the rich history of calvados


A six-strong calvados range hailing from Normandy called 30&40 has recently arrived in the UK.

Developed by a trio of friends: Aymeric Dutheil, Vincent Béjot and Thibault Patte, 30&40 celebrates the traditions of Normandy, a region renowned for the traditional production of high-quality calvados.

The brand’s six-strong range, which includes three single casks and three blended spirits, offers “a modern expression of centuries-old traditions of distillation and ageing”.

It is said to celebrate rigorous craftsmanship, while shining a light on calvados to a brand new audience as an ultimate tasting spirit.

The 30&40 range currently includes Double Jus, Eau-de-vie de Cidre de Normandie, Calvados Extra Old, and The Three Single Casks: 3-year-old, 15-year-old, and 25-year-old expressions.

Double Jus, 30&40’s first and signature product, is a blend of Calvados AOC, fresh apple juice and a nip of Belize Rum to enhance the fruit flavours. It carries notes of vanilla and a natural apple bitterness.

Eau-de-vie de Cidre de Normandie is a combination of two eau-de-vie (distilled cider), best served as a digestif or in a cocktail, with notes of plum and cherry.

Calvados Extra Old has been created with calvados aged from 10 to 27 years in French oak barrels, sourced from the cellars of three esteemed Calvados houses across Normandy. It is said to have an “almost tropical array of flavours”, which include mango, orange, and nutmeg.

The Three Single Casks range is made up of a young, 3-year calvados with mineral and smoky notes, reminiscent of wild agave Mezcals or coastal Highland single malts; a delicate and bright 15-year Garnier House Calvados, surprisingly light and spiced with an intense golden hue; and a 25-year Michel Huard vintage (1993), aged traditionally in long Norman barrels with flavours of almond, liquorice, peach and clementine.

30&40 is currently available in retailers such as Soho Wine Supply, The Whisky Exchange and Gerry’s Wines & Spirits, and is featured on the bar menus of esteemed London hotels and restaurants including Artesian at The Langham, Core by Clare Smyth, Beaufort Bar at The Savoy, Blacklock, Frenchie, and Coupette.

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