£4.5M in lost revenue for UK bars on ‘Gin Boom’ brands

  • New research reveals £1.9 million of old and open gin bottles is going to waste
  • Paragon Brands launches The Big Gin Swap to support on-trade

£1.9M worth of old and open gin bottles is going to waste in UK bars, according to a new survey of the UK on-trade.

The survey of 53 independent UK bars was commissioned by Paragon Brands to discover the after-effects of the 2015-2019 gin boom.

It revealed that 30% of UK bars have old, unused and open gin bottles leftover from the gin boom, with one in ten venues having at least 20 leftover bottles sitting in cellars or back bars.

The average loss in revenue from post-gin boom stock equalled £775 per venue, totalling 4.56 million pounds of lost revenue nationwide.

As of 2023, there are 19,737 sports and social clubs, or bars, in the UK1, meaning approximately 5,221 bars have leftover stock from the gin boom.

In light of this, leading alcohol importer-distributor Paragon Brands is launching a new programme, to allow bars to exchange their leftover, half-full bottles for new bottles, completely free of charge.

The Big Gin Swap will allow bars to deposit old, open and unused, clear full-strength gins, to their team or even post them to their Manchester offices in exchange for bottle of one of their leading gin brands. Each bottle should be at least 40% full and safely sealed.

Bars partaking in The Big Gin Swap can exchange their leftover spirits for one of three top gin brands including premium French gin G’Vine Floraison, Irish-born Dingle Gin and traditional English Gin Martin Miller’s.

Chris Jones, Managing Director of Paragon Brands, said: “Trends come and go, but the Gin Boom really took the industry by storm. Sadly, when the dust settled, bars were left with a fortune in unused stock.

“£1.9M is no small figure to have lying around, so we’ve launched The Big Gin Swap to help make a change for the on-trade.

“Whether it’s G’Vine, Dingle or Martin Miller’s Gin, we’re urging bars to dust off those old bottles of gin and replace them with a fresh new bottle from our premium gin range.

“It’s our mission to help bars truly love their gin range again. We look forward to swapping those leftover bottles with unique and great-tasting new gins.”

Martin Miller’s Gin is widely recognized as the world’s first ‘super premium’ gin. It has consistently won more awards for excellence in the world’s leading spirit awards. G’Vine Floraison Gin is a world-leading super-premium gin, made using Ugni Blanc grapes in the heart of cognac. While Dingle Gin has been voted the World’s Best Gin at the World Gin Awards.

The survey also examined consumer trends around gin in 2024, finding that 76% of venues had spotted an uplift in customers asking for specific gins by brand name.

Elderflower is 2024’s most popular gin serve, with over half (51%) of respondents noting an uplift in orders for gin with elderflower, followed by lemonade (30%) and ginger beer (25%).

The Big Gin Swap from Paragon Brands is available now for the on-trade*. Venues can also pick up a free 5cl miniature of G’Vine Floraison Gin, while stocks last.

To register, please visit The Big Gin Swap website here.