4 Amazing Wines to Surprise Your Partner on a Date

Date nights are essential when it comes to getting to know someone you just met, but it is a big misconception that you shouldn’t go out on a date with the love of your life and surprise them. Love must be nurtured all the time, right?

So why not do something different and take out the person you love in a bar or a pub where you can break the mold of traditional dinner dates in popular restaurants. Then, you can surprise your loved one with a bottle of some popular quality wine and enjoy the rest of the night in laughter and pleasant conversation.

To help you make this night unforgettable, here are some ideas on the choice of the perfect wine.

Sparkling Rosé

White cherry, strawberry, cream, citrus, and other flavours will lift your spirits when on a date, and they are all part of a sparkling rosé. A date is a special occasion, and even if you are with someone you know and love, the desire to create a beautiful night can turn your mouth dry. The best thing about this wine is that the carbonation will stimulate the salivary glands, and you will talk, laugh, and enjoy because of this wine.

Also, that beautiful rosy colour isn’t just a shadow of red since rosé can increase the level of arousal and create a more cheerful atmosphere. In addition, the sparkling charms provide electrifying symbolic energy, which is precisely what you need on a date night. Rosé and sparkling at the same time, it doesn’t get any better than this.

In essence, sparkling rosé is easy to drink, engaging, and a refreshing wine that will make a fantastic night for you and the person you love. Some sparkling rosé wines you should try are Cremant Rosé, Rosé Champagne, Franciacorta Rosé, etc. Any of these rosé wines will contribute to having a special night with your partner.

Purcari Wine

When it comes to red wine, it is easy to go for the usual Cabernet Sauvignon or for a Chardonnay if your partner loves white wine. But why not drink something different that also has Cabernet or Chardonnay, but it is totally authentic and has a unique blend with other grapes.

Luckily for you, the historic Chateau Purcari can provide you with wines that are a perfect blend of style, taste, variety of grapes, and beautiful design.

Chateau Purcari is a winery from Moldova that was established back in 1827. It is fascinating that in the 19th century, French settlers saw that there are similarities between their famous Bordeaux and the local terroir since both locations have rubidium-rick soils. So, they decided to partner with the monastery that owned these vineyards and started to experiment with various Bordeaux grapes. It turned out to be a perfect choice since soon enough; the winery won a gold medal for their impressive Negru de Purcari in 1878 at the Paris World Exhibition.

It would be great to surprise the one you love with Purcari wine, and you can easily do so because recently, the same wine won a gold medal last year in 2020 at the Decanter World Wine Awards. Last but not least, the red Purcari wines also pair perfectly with meat like beef, lamb, or tasty lasagna, and other dishes you can use to enjoy this wine with your partner even more.


We all know that love and flowers go together for centuries, and Viogner wine would be a perfect symbolic presentation of this romantic combination.

This wine has rich fruit flavours and a perfumed style that also has a perfect distinct aroma of flowers. Furthermore, it causes a calming effect, which is definitely what you need to relax and enjoy the night.

A recommendation would be to try the French Viognier wines from the Rhone wine region, and you can do that by purchasing one that the Domaine Georges Verney winery produces. Their Viognier wines are of outstanding quality, and this winery has promoted this type of wine all across the world, making Viognier popular on a global scale.

Once your partner tries the beautiful aroma combination of flowers and fruit flavours they will know that you have made an effort to impress them, and they will also be mesmerized by the taste. It is the perfect way of showing love in an authentic and unique way.

Australian Grenache

The last couple of years haven’t been easy for bar lovers and hospitality employees as well, so everyone needs a time of relaxation with their loved ones. And when it comes to relaxation, it would be perfect to surprise the person you love with a Grenache wine from the South Australian region.

The mix of plum, strawberry, blood orange, and herbs is mainly what makes this wine complex enough to keep your partner interested, but at the same time, it is extremely easy to drink. Also, the lavender and sage aromas are great for stimulating enthusiasm while enjoying the perfect taste.

So, the beautiful Australian Grenache wines will give both you and your partner the desirable combination of relaxation and stimulation simultaneously, and that is what you need on a special date night. This wine is so easily drinkable that you can use it on any other occasion you want; it doesn’t always have to be a special date night.

To Sum It All Up

Here you have four beautiful wines you can use to surprise the person you love the most on a date night or any other occasion you feel is the proper time. Love needs to be nurtured all the time, and it is lovely to create an authentic and unique moment by symbolically showing love through some tasty wines.

In conclusion, wine has been a symbol of love for centuries now, and it will continue to motivate people to set off on an incredible love journey. So, please don’t waste any more time and pick a wine from this list to impress your partner, or even better, try different wines on different occasions, and enjoy the luxury it represents!

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