A clean solution

Nelson’s Advantage glasswasher keeps Farr Vintners’ glasses sparkling.

As Britain’s largest wholesaler of fine wines, Farr Vintners boasts an enviable customer base that spans many prestigious restaurants and hotels as well as a loyal private clientele.

Tastings are held regularly at Farr’s contemporary, light filled offices, overlooking The Thames at Battersea. However, the most significant tasting each year is The Southwold – named after the Suffolk seaside town that first hosted it. Here, the UK’s premier wine trade specialists and journalists gather to sample and critique the top 200, newly bottled Bordeaux wines. A further, annual, key event involves the same group meeting again to taste 10-year-old Bordeaux.

Unsurprisingly, the choice of glassware and its aftercare is extremely important to ensure the most subtle merits of every wine can be fully appreciated. Farr Vintners favours Zalto glasses: handblown in Austria, in a town which has been known for glass blowing since the early 14th century, these glasses are noted for their exceptional elegance and delicacy. In fact, they’re considered so good, they even won an ‘Unimprovable’ award from the Wall Street Journal!

Maintaining the integrity of its glassware is imperative and, as Farr Vintners’ Patrick Evans-Bevan explains: “With wines that can command as much as £4,500 a bottle, we rely on our glasswasher to keep our glasses pristinely clean and in immaculate condition.”

Farr Vintners has recently had a Nelson Advantage AD50 glasswasher installed and the results are amazing. “We were aware that the brand was highly regarded for both performance and reliability”, explains Patrick. “We also liked the fact that, amongst its many features, the machine has a soft start function, making it safe for our most delicate glasses. Another bonus is that it’s actually very quiet when in operation which is important if clients are visiting.”

Farr Vintners makes every effort to be energy conscious and the Advantage’s many ‘green’ credentials ensure the new glasswasher is energy efficient and sustainable, using less water, energy and detergent than many alternative machines – and without any compromise on quality or performance.

This highly specified machine has 6 wash cycle options and is capable of processing up to 2,100 glasses per hour. It features a moulded wash tank that prevents the build-up of dirt and grease and this, combined with its self-drain and self-clean functions, makes manual cleaning virtually unnecessary. Its thermally sealed door and double-skinned body prevent heat and noise escaping into the immediate environment. In fact, with a noise output never exceeding 58dB – a sound equivalent to gentle rainfall – the Nelson Advantage is one of the quietest glasswasher ranges available.


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