A Professional Guide To Bar Stool Maintenance

There’s no doubt that keeping a bar running can be extremely expensive, but you can minimise your costs by ensuring that you pay close attention to maintenance. Keeping your bar furniture in good condition will reduce the amount of money you have to spend on replacements, so with this in mind, here is our professional guide to caring for your bar stools.

How To Clean A Bar Stool

It’s important to clean your bar stools regularly if they’re to stay looking their best and in top condition. Luckily, it’s relatively simple to keep yours clean. After closing, use a clean cloth and warm, soapy water to wipe the metal parts of the bar stools. This will clean any spills and will also stop dust from accumulating over time. Make sure that any spills are wiped up rapidly to reduce corrosion and stains.

How To Remove Rust

If your metal bar stools are becoming rusty to a lack of cleaning, it’s possible to remove rust by using aluminium foil, crumpled into a ball with its shiny side outwards. Dip the foil in water then rub it on the rusted areas. This will remove it effectively then you can brighten any dark marks remaining with alcohol or vinegar.

How To Polish A Metal Bar Stool

After cleaning, polishing your bar stools will ensure a high-shine and give a clean and reflective look that will make your bar look aesthetically pleasing. You can polish the metal parts of your bar stools by using a clean microfibre cloth to rub furniture polish or baby oil into the metal to restore its shine.

Repairing A Metal Bar Stool

If a bar stool is badly damaged, it should obviously be replaced for your customers’ safety. However, if there are minor damages in the metal parts, one of the good options is to use a strong metal glue to repair the damage. Make sure to choose a product designed for use on metal and ensure that the parts to be repaired are properly held together during the drying process to ensure a tight fit and a strong repair.

Caring For A Bar Stool Seat

Bar stool seats can be made from many types of material, from faux-leather to wood and from fabric to plastic. All require different care to keep them in good order and looking their best.

  • A faux leather seat can easily be cleaned with a duster with any marks being wiped off using a damp cloth. Serious stains will require white spirit to remove but check first to ensure it won’t bleach the surface.
  • A real leather stool can easily be wiped with a duster to keep it looking good.
  • A fabric-covered stool can be cleaned using a suitable upholstery cleaner, but again, check that no bleaching of the material occurs.
  • A vinyl or plastic-covered seat can be dusted and then wiped clean with a wipe or a damp cloth.

Follow this expert care advice for your bar furniture and you’ll save money in the long run, keeping your bar profitable and looking its best!

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