A summer full of cocktails

The summer heat is also felt at our latitudes: apparently, this is the hottest summer in recent years for the whole Europe. Today we give our readers some exciting advice on how to quench their thirst and drink even when you have no barman available! A fun game a bit like daring with a winner casino promo code , a challenge between taste and creativity in the weekend with friends or in a moment of pause. 

Non-alcoholic and detoxifying drinks

Excessing with alcohol is no good for you: in summer, it is better not to overheat the body. For this reason we think about preparing non-alcoholic and detoxifying drinks, rich in antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and fiber and of course with zero calories so as not to take on those extra pounds. The basic ingredients are fruit, vegetables, herbs and spices that can keep our bodies cool but also give us the right sprint to face a hot city afternoon. Fruit must be chosen carefully, instead of the local superstore we always prefer to buy in organic stores where prices could be a bit higher but the products are better and, since the preparation of a drink is almost always with raw ingredients, it is worth spending a little more than risking a sudden colitis.

A good summer drink is usually prepared with lemons, lime, grapefruits, green apples and berries.

Drinks: it’s social craze

It has become a general trend to post food and drinks on social media, and cocktails are no exception. Just look at the hashtags #Cocktail and #Cocktails, for which there are more than 32 million photos from all over the world, followed by #HappyHour, another trendy topic for Internet users. Among the photos you will find drinks made by the best flair bartenders and barmens, as well as many pictures of those who try to make them at home. 

What are the most popular drinks on social networks? 

  • Thunder Tonic: the beautiful and eye-catching purple nectar Iovem. Exclusive ingredients such as honey, grape must, ginger, lemon and tonic water. The particular purple color is due to the enocyanin of the berries.
  • Pink Gin: this is not a real cocktail, it does not involve any mix of products, but it is a real gin that has been on sale for some years. Pink gin is generated by fruit aromas, and sometimes, in the most exclusive places, it is served with real fruit such as raspberries, strawberries, cherries or rhubarb and this is why it becomes very social and instagrammable.

What are your favorite summer cocktails?

The Moscow Mule, a great classic to be prepared at home following one of the many recipes also available on the net or to be sipped in a bar or a pub in the company of good friends, continues to be popular and is requested almost everywhere.

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