A Trio Of Sweet Bites

With indulgence very much on the radar across all areas of the sweet bakery category, Donut Worry Be Happy is tapping into this trend with the launch of three new bites (Choc-O-Lot, The Summer Berry Bite and The Lil’Apple) – each offering flavour, quality, and pure deliciousness.

All heavenly light and packed with taste and indulgence, these three new mouth-watering mini bites can offer caterers across the foodservice industry many opportunities to boost profits. 

Each fluffy delight is coated in a light dusting of icing sugar, containing 100% natural colours and flavours. They are also packed with sustainable, high-quality ingredients – using only RSPO-segregated certified palm, cocoa and 100% UTZ certified chocolate along with real Belgian chocolate and real fruit fillings. The dough is also lighter and contains less fat than its rivals – making it the perfect choice for the more health-conscious consumer. 

Starting with The Choc-O-Lot, this delicious product offers a smooth, creamy filling of rich chocolate, encased in a generous cocoa decoration and cocoa dough. Those in the market for something fruitier can opt for Summer Berry Bite; a sweet and simply delicious product encased with sweet summer berries, along with The Lil’ Apple, filled with sweet apple marmalade on the inside and smothered in a delightful cinnamon sugar coating on the outside.

Small in size but big in bite, these products suit every desire – whether that be a quick pick-me-up snack or an evening treat after work.

Each bite can be defrosted within 90 minutes and is targeted at all age groups. Ideal for cross-selling alongside other growing categories such as tea and coffee, these products are also suitable for vegetarians. 

These new Bites join five other sensational flavours within the range – caramel toffee, chocolate hazelnut, speculoos, red summer berries and white chocolate. They also join Donut Worry Be Happy’s wider doughnut range, including The Passionista, The Crushed Candy White and The Raspberry Bliss – the three latest products to be added to its portfolio.

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