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The launch of the latest version of tablet point of sale app, intelligentpos® 4.0, was a triumph of customer collaboration and of a company fulfilling its promise of empowering small businesses.

The app’s developers, young Scottish tech company Intelligent Point of Sale, set up Feature Vote on its website as a sort of ‘wish list’ for clients. Since it began some 18 months ago, it has attracted nearly 2,500 votes and inspired more than 30 new features to the intelligentpos app, with many more ideas still in the pipeline.

Intelligentpos customers use Feature Vote to request upgrades or adaptations and it helps prioritise the product development roadmap for the system. Requests can be small and practical or they can be big blue sky thinking. By far the top ranked feature was online product management and this ultimately was the major development delivered in intelligentpos® 4.0.

This latest upgrade demanded a complete overhaul of the app. It took a year’s worth of planning and was in development for eight months. 4.0 was released in July and responses were great, with one customer calling it “so easy and efficient you almost forget that you have a till system.”

4.0 is better, faster and more flexible. Businesses can now edit, create and amend products remotely and synchronise changes simultaneously across all their iPad terminals. intelligentpos can process credit cards, contactless, Apple and Android Pay transactions with great ease. It provides the level of business management that was once only the preserve of major EPOS players.

As with every intelligentpos evolution, the functionality was introduced within the existing subscription service.

Part of the success of this electronic point of sale (epos) solution is also down to the continuous collaboration the company enjoyed with a group of clients who acted as BETA testers. There were around 20 clients of all business types and size in the BETA programme who provided first-hand experience and feedback in the latter stages of development.

Paul Walton, co-founder of Intelligent Point of Sale and CTO, commented: “Customer collaboration within the tech industry is not new, but it is essential and we found that it works best where there is open conversation and dialogue with our clients on an ongoing basis. That level or client support and feedback is integral to what we do, ensuring our product development is constantly aligned to business goals from profitability to keeping pace with consumer trends.”

Pictured below: Co-founders Robin Knox and Paul Walton

Co-founders Robin Knox and Paul Walton Intelligentpos

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