A Very Special Guest

We sit down with Nicolas Medicamento, also known as Dr Cocktail, who is among the amazing hospitality leaders supporting the BMAs next year!

Widely known for his experienced mixology career in some of the world’s finest bars, Nicolas Medicamento is a dedicated and passionate hospitality leader who makes it his mission to redefine the industry. An inspiring Speaker, Bar Educator, Mentor and esteemed Judge in prestigious cocktail and spirits competitions, we are honoured to have Nicolas supporting the Bar Magazine Awards.

Sitting down with Nicolas, he tells us a little more about his role in the awards and why supporting the night is so important to him…

Nicolas, please tell our readers how you will be involved with the BMAs on the night.

I’m super excited about the BMAs, I can’t wait for the big night! My involvement within the BMAs is all about delivering an inspirational and motivational speech for the individuals in the industry. We, as hospitality professionals, are striving to give our guests the best experience, at the cost of many personal sacrifices, and, despite our successes, as individuals, we keep forgetting about us and our greatness. Figuring out how to excel in our field and being on top of our ‘A game’ is incredibly interesting and deeply satisfying. I strongly believe that working in hospitality is a fantastic way to find happiness by helping others. This is, in short, what I will be taking about on the night.

Why are the BMAs important to you? And what makes the BMAs essential to be involved in?

The support that the BMAs provides to our industry is incredible. I truly believe in the power of supporting each other to make our future brighter, which is why it is so essential to get involved on the special night.

Why would you encourage hospitality professionals to apply for a BMA, and attend on the night?

Applying for a BMA means you are one step closer to joining a community of professionals who share the same excitement and passion for hospitality as you; it provides the opportunity to celebrate, and be recognised for, your success and talent. The event in January 2024 is going to be amazing, and chances like this don’t come around often.

What are you most looking forward to about the awards?

I’m really looking forward to meeting interesting people in the industry and supporting Bar Magazine’s vision. Being part of the future of the bar industry is something I’m genuinely thrilled about. In a world where opportunities to make a difference can be rare, being part of the BMAs is a privilege that I’m deeply grateful for. I’m overflowing with excitement and ready to make a positive impact in the bar industry!


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