Adding Sparkle to Serves

Nelson’s Advantage glasswashers offer wet-led venues sparkling results, and a flawless pour for The Cocktail Trading Company!

Nelson’s Advantage range of glasswashers is designed to suit the most challenging demands of busy bars and restaurants. Advantage promises an exceptional build quality, superb results and ongoing reliability. 

With reliability at its heart, the design and build quality of Advantage glasswashers will cope with the most stringent demands of the hospitality industry. Construction throughout is from high grade AISI 304 stainless steel, ensuring durability while all internal components are meticulously trialled to guarantee their efficacy throughout the life of the machine. 

Advantage was developed with a major focus on energy efficiency and sustainability. The machines use less water, energy and detergent than many comparable models, without any compromise on quality or performance, Advantage glasswashers are designed for today’s forward-thinking operator. 

Quiet operation is important for front of house siting and Advantage glasswashers operate at just 58 dBs, a sound equivalent to gentle rainfall. And, Advantage is gentle in operation too. All wash cycles begin with a soft start before gradually increasing to full intensity, thereby allowing even delicate glassware to be washed completely safely.


The three founders of The Cocktail Trading Company have, between them, amassed an impressive 40 years of bartending experience! And it shows. Numerous reviews enthuse about the innovative cocktail menu, along with the bartenders’ skills in creating both classic and original drinks, the eclectic glasses and the relaxed, feel-good ambience.  

Presentation across The Cocktail Trading Company’s bars is an art form with drinks served in a diverse range of glassware, alongside several more unusual receptacles, each carefully chosen to enhance the customer’s enjoyment of their drink.

To maintain this level of creativity and artistry, behind the scenes there are meticulously devised systems in place to ensure order is maintained, and one of the most important of these is glasswashing.  

Explains Andy Mil, one of the founders, “We’ve all worked in multiple bars over the years, and we’ve all used just about every make of glasswasher there is, but the brand we unilaterally agree is the best is Nelson, which is why we’ve got their machines across all our bars.

“We like the built-in softeners as we’ve got no space for any external fittings under the bars. We like the fact that they’re incredibly easy to use and clean and, best of all, we love their reliability. Plus, on the odd occasion we’ve needed help, we’ve not had to wait for more than a few hours for a Nelson engineer to turn up and fix the issue.” 

The Cocktail Trading Company is based in Shoreditch with its sister sites – Murder Inc. London and The Royal Cocktail Exchange based in Soho and Fitzrovia. The team is also involved in two collaborations – Her Majesty’s Secret Service and Filthy X111 in Bristol. 

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