Adnams adds 0.5% ABV version of best-selling beer

Ghost Ship alcohol free

Suffolk brewer Adnams has launched an almost alcohol-free version of its best-selling Ghost Ship Pale Ale.

Created to meet the “rapidly growing” demand for low-alcohol beer, Ghost Ship Alcohol Free has all the same flavours and aromas as Ghost Ship but with ABV of only 0.5%. It is available in 30-litre kegs, 500ml bottles and 330ml cans.

It is brewed with pale ale, rye crystal and cara malts, using Citra and a blend of other American hop varieties to create bold citrus flavours. The beer is described as having good assertive pithy bitterness with a malty backbone and a lemon and lime aroma. It is said to perfectly complement the aromatic tastes of spicy Thai and Indian food.

Without compromising on taste, Ghost Ship Alcohol Free has only 21 calories per 100ml.

Fergus Fitzgerald, head brewer at Adnams, said: “Ghost Ship Alcohol Free is a quality beer that retains all the flavours of Ghost Ship but with almost all the alcohol removed. There are various ways to create alcohol free beers, but most of the methods either involve changing the recipe, brewing methods, or altering the flavours.

“We are using a very clever piece of kit that allows us to brew our Ghost Ship as normal but then send a batch to our brand new de-alcoholisation equipment. This uses reverse osmosis which removes most of the alcohol via a permeable membrane under pressure and a low temperature.

“It’s all very high tech magic allowing our Ghost Ship to sail away free from alcohol but remaining full of its original flavours and aromas.”

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