Adnams grows spirits and beer range

Adnams, the Suffolk brewer, distiller and retailer, has launched two low-alcohol bottled beers as part of a continuing expansion into new products.

Its Ginger Beer, which has an ABV of 2.5 per cent, is made by adding fermented ginger and orange peel to the wort from bottled Broadside ale before more ginger and lemon and lime zest are added with a little sugar to sweeten the taste.

The new bottled Sole Star, with an ABV of 2.7 per cent, is a full-flavoured pale amber beer with a light floral and citrus aroma, gentle caramel notes and a good level of bitterness. Both are available in 500ml bottles.

Head brewer Fergus Fitzgerald said: “It was really important to us to provide our customers with a selection of lower-alcohol beers that don’t compromise at all on taste and allow them to drink responsibly over the coming summer months.

“Each of the beers has its own light and refreshing unique flavour and will be the perfect accompaniment to lunchtime picnics, after-work drinks and summer barbecues alike.”

After opening a distillery next to the Southwold brewery, Adnams has also been developing new and innovative spirits and liqueurs under distiller John McCarthy, from premium gins and vodkas to liqueurs such as limoncello, sloe gin and morello cherry. Other innovations have included Spirit of Broadside, a 43 per cent ABV eau de vie made from Broadside beer and matured in heavily toasted Russian oak casks for 12 months.

The most recent additions to its spirits range are two absinthes, inspired by old French recipes. The Adnams Absinthe Rouge, with an ABV of 66 per cent, is full of flavours of anise, fennel and coriander, with the addition of a hint of hibiscus flowers to give it a ruby-red colour and extra subtle fruit flavours. Adnams Absinthe Verte, also with an ABV of 66 per cent, is smooth with aromas of anise, fennel and lemon balm.

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