Adnams launches tonic to complement its gins and vodkas

Adnams tonics John McCarthy

Suffolk brewer and distiller Adnams has produced its own tonic waters to accompany its range of premium gins and vodkas.

The recipe for Adnams Tonic Water and Adnams Tonic Water Light was originally created by head distiller John McCarthy (pictured) to be combined with the distillery’s Copper House Dry Gin in its pre-mixed G&T cans.

Due to the popularity of the ready-to-drink G&Ts and demand from consumers, Adnams has launched the two premium tonic waters as stand-alone products. They continue to be particularly well suited for drinking with Copper House Dry Gin.

Adnams Tonic Water Light has been made with half of the sugar removed and replaced with stevia, a natural sweetener. They come in 250ml cans.

John said: “As soon as we released our G&T cans, our customers were asking if they could buy the tonic. It made sense for us to develop a tonic that tastes great on its own, but also one that doesn’t overpower the wonderful botanical aromas and flavours in our award-winning gins.

“A good tonic should complement the spirit it is mixed with, not overwhelm it, so our new tonics have that classic bitterness alongside some fresh lemon and citrus flavours.”

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