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Hi, we’re Adventure.

We’re a team on a mission to provide the people of London with a bar experience of the highest quality. We pride ourselves on our electric atmosphere, our badass drinks, our superb food and our outstanding service.

If you’re interested in professional bartending and having fun whilst doing so you’ll already know a bit about us. Let’s discuss more on this later; right now let’s talk about YOU.

What position are you thinking of applying for?

As we look to open two new bars in the next few months we are looking for people to join our team as trainee bartenders. The vacancies are ideal for recent graduates of a bar school or people with an ambitious drive to break into the exciting world of professional bartending. It will be a steep learning curve especially considering that the busiest time of year (Christmas) is fast approaching.

In addition, we are also looking for bartenders with experience. They will still undertake the certification programme, but will inevitably fast track though the process. If you feel that you’re of this mould, please continue to read and follow the recruitment process. We will consider experienced individuals on a case by case basis as invariably there will be plenty of upsides for both parties to see what opportunities we might each find.

What will my training involve?

Earlier in the year we launched our ‘NEW’ basic training level. This is aimed at working on combining your personality with the most important technical applications to bartending.

We hire primarily on personality and try to tailor our method of training and service accordingly in order to retain that human touch across the bar.

Please remember, this is not a holiday. Professional bartenders are sales people. They do not just make drinks. They sell the atmosphere and accommodate their guests as if they were doing so in their own home. Adventure is that home from home.

Along with the basic level of certification we have two higher-level training programs. These are for more experienced bartenders and are trained after a few months of bedding in with our systems & processes. In developing these programs we are committed to making Adventure a hot bed for talent within the industry. We are on a mission to grow whilst retaining, if not improving, the quality of what we deliver and are looking for likeminded individuals to join us.

As a company that is evolving and constantly looking to better ourselves we offer all sorts of benefits. In addition to in house training we often invite experts in associated fields to teach our team on a wide range of matters. Such companies include Spirit, Beer & Wine specialists, Licensing specialists, Conflict Management experts and First Aid trainers.

By questioning what we do and setting ourselves the target of being the best we can be, we improve together. For this reason we value attitude and application over experience.

What qualifications or experience do I need?

People that have been successful at Adventure haven’t necessarily had or needed an amount of experience as training is done on the job, though experience has helped some in completing the training course ahead of the 8-week deadline. It is traits such as adaptability and determination used to compliment their personality where trainees have excelled at learning.

What will be my weekly hours?

On average 40 to 50 hours (4-5 shifts) a week when training. Less when certified. The bars are open evenings only from 5pm to 11:30/Midnight during the week with late licenses at the weekends.

What will be my rate of pay?

We offer a 3 stage training process, your wages will increase based on testing and experience. As a trainee you will start on £6.70 per hour. As a ‘Hall of Famer’ you will be able to earn upwards of £10 per hour. Tips can be earned and generally reflect the level of attention you give to our guests. If you’re good, you’ll make good tips. If you’re not, you won’t!

Ok… So now… A little more about us…

Adventure started in 2005 on a shoestring budget and has seen its fair share of drama through the years. With continued hard work and determination we recently celebrated our tenth birthday and are performing at our highest levels to date. We’re a small company with big ambitions that is still led by the founders, who themselves were also a bunch of young bartenders back in the day.

Our dream is to create an environment where it is possible for those of similar belief, wanting to deliver quality in quantity, can be nurtured through the career path of bartender to bar owner. We are not perfect, we have and will continue to fail, A LOT, but by learning from our mistakes and encouraging consistent high performance we will learn and succeed together. We hope to do this with a sense of humility & integrity whilst still keeping our ‘balls’ about us. After all, confidence is key!

Now, to recap on what we’re looking for (in a nutshell!)…

We are looking for people with the passion to learn, better themselves, and better those around them and to continually better the GUEST’S experience!!

If you want to join us on our journey do get in touch…

What are the steps of getting the job?

1. Apply (with cover letter stating why you’re a hero!)
2. Fill in and return the application form sent to you
3. Have a telephone interview
4. Come down and do a trial shift
5. Final interview
6. Simples

We strongly believe our recruitment strategy allows us to get the best people working with us. It may seem a little longwinded, but this is because we’re looking for heroes.

This is NOT just another bar company.

This is NOT just a job you can do to pass time.

This is where you work to deliver a fine balance of art and business to the public like a professional.

Here’s what we’re NOT looking for:

1. Generic CV’s that have no cover letter. We just don’t read them!
2. Boring people
3. Miserable people
4. People that can’t speak fluent English
5. People looking to do this job ‘on the side!’

So, with all that said and done, why wouldn’t you apply?

Thank you for your time and good luck!

Email to rock and roll.

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