Agave syrup launches into bar sector after retail success

Groovy Agave Nectar

The Groovy Food Company is building on the success of its agave syrup in retail by launching it into the bar trade for cocktails.

A new 750ml bottle, designed for easy pouring by bartenders, has been unveiled for its bestselling organic Light Amber & Mild Agave Nectar.

It has low viscosity, which speeds when poured and dissolves quickly, making it ideal to include in hot and cold drinks. Agave syrup contains 25% fewer calories than refined sugar and is 1.5 times sweeter so it delivers the same sweetness while using 50% fewer calories.

The Groovy Food Company’s founder, Rosie Hayward, said: “We launched the 750ml bottle of our bestselling Light Amber & Mild Agave Nectar to meet growing demand for natural and organic alternatives to refined sugar.

“The bottles are designed specifically for use in hospitality outlets, including bars and restaurants and they have an ergonomic pouring spout for ease of use in an array of catering occasions from cocktails to cold pressed juices and smoothies.”

Agave syrup has proven a popular alternative to sugar syrup in cocktails, especially Margaritas. It is also a popular alternative in baking or cooking as the heat does not damage its flavour and, as it has a low freezing point, it is ideal for chilled desserts and ice creams.

The Groovy Food Company’s Light Amber & Mild and Rich & Dark agave nectars are available in leading supermarkets such as Waitrose and Sainsbury’s in 250ml squeezy bottles as well as in 5ml single-serve sachets.

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