America’s Westward Whiskey lands in the UK

Westward Whiskey

American single malt brand Westward has partnered with premium distributor Spirit Cartel to launch its range of whiskeys in the UK.

Inspired by its home in Oregon, Portland in the US, Westward is described as a “provenance-driven” whiskey that uses “minimalist distilling” to maximise the flavour of its grains.

Production starts by brewing an American pale ale using locally grown malted barley. The beer is then twice distilled in custom pot stills and the spirit is aged in lightly toasted American oak barrels.

The resulting 45% ABV whiskey offers a “robust and fruity aroma, with creamy vanilla and brown sugar notes”. The palate is said to show baking spice, fruit and sweet malt and the finish “begins with tobacco, dark chocolate and leather, with a lingering oak sweetness that gives way to stone fruit”.

The company’s flagship whiskey, Westward American Single Malt, will arrive in the UK first, followed by Westward American Single Malt Oregon Stout Cask and single barrel expressions in 2020.

Thomas Mooney, Westward CEO and co-owner, who also serves as an advisor to the American Craft Spirits Association, said: “The demand for and interest in American whiskey in the United Kingdom, and the country’s appreciation for the highest quality malt whiskey, represent a major opportunity for Westward.

“Westward is inspired by our home in the American Northwest, and the unique culture, climate, and natural ingredients that make Oregon the ideal place to raise a world class malt whiskey.”

David Hood, general manager of Spirit Cartel, added: “Westward American Single Malt is an exciting addition to our portfolio, especially at a time when our customers have a steadily rising interest in American whiskey.

“Given Westward’s heritage as a leading voice in American distilling, and our shared love for all things malt whiskey, we know we have forged an excellent partnership and can’t wait to share the esteemed American Single Malt right here at home.”

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