New business launches Italian craft cider and beers in UK

Angioletti ciders

Italian craft cider Angioletti has been launched in the UK as part of a new distribution deal with drinks group Lucia Maria Melchiori.

The sparkling cider is made in the Trentino region in northern Italy with 100% juice using Italian apples, and contains no concentrate or artificial sweeteners or flavourings.

It is made in the same way as prosecco, by the Italian Charmat Method in which the secondary fermentation takes place in pressurised stainless steel tanks.

Packaged in 75cl bottles, the ciders comprise a Secco at 5% ABV and a Rosé with Blueberry at 4% ABV.

The brand is part of a portfolio of craft cider and beers introduced in the UK and Ireland through new business, Angioletti UK, which has been set up David Peek, a former beer, wine and spirits buyer with Sainsbury’s and Tesco.

The new company will also distribute the Italian producer’s craft beers which are made and bottled at Lucia Maria Melchiori’s family-run on-site microbrewery in Trentino.

The beers include a Helles-style Bionda Trentina at 4.7% ABV, Melchiori Roen pale ale at 5.3% ABV, Melchiori Pombier apple beer at 5.5% ABV, spiced white Melchiori Biava at 4.9% ABV, and Melchiori Weizen wheat beer at 5.4% ABV.

David, who has over 15 years’ experience in sales and purchasing in the drinks industry, said: “Angioletti Italian craft cider is completely unique, and it is perfectly aligned to some of the biggest trends in drinks right now.”

The trends include the rise of craft beer and cider, the “huge” growth in sales of Italian sparkling wines, the popularity of “Brand Italy” in the UK, and “increased consumer enthusiasm for drinks that get their flavours from the fruit they are made from, rather than from artificial flavourings”, he explained.

The portfolio will be fully supported by a comprehensive programme of consumer events throughout 2016.

David added: “The initial feedback from both consumers and trade customers has been absolutely fantastic, and it is clear that consumers are on the lookout for a genuinely ‘craft’, Italian, good-value, less alcoholic glass of fizz.”

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