App Helps British Hospitality get #BackInService

It’s no secret Hospitality took a big hit during the pandemic, losing 355,000 employees between March 2020 and March 2021. This accounted for a whopping 43% of the national total. (Office of National Statistics). With restrictions now easing, many employers need to find staff but are having difficulty recruiting them, as many of them have moved on to other more stable industries, or, in the case of Brexit, have moved out of the UK completely. 

Pizza Express have announced they are recruiting 1000 new staff, and whilst approximately 300 of these will be filled by the Government’s Kickstart scheme, they will need to find an additional 700, from across the country, and quickly.

With the goalposts constantly changing, albeit the Government’s plan going smoothly at present, there is a strong worry that another lockdown could come at any time, especially due to new strains from abroad and the increase in transmission during the colder winter months. This uncertainty means lots of businesses are wary of hiring new staff, taking on the time-consuming recruitment processes, juggling the increasingly difficult right to work checks due to new post brexit legislations and then putting people on a contract when there is so much uncertainty on the future of business itself is a worry and hiring and firing is never a nice job, ask any HR/in-house recruitment professional or hiring manager.

GIG’s offering makes this process much simpler. They provide organisations with staff who are qualified to do the job, they get them to work on time, in the right uniform, with the right attitude. They pay their pension contributions, and their holiday pay, and they ensure that they have all the necessary documentation to work in the UK. Constant training and support ensure that all their workers feel looked after, and part of a team. Furthermore, they welcome anyone. Most agencies will only take on staff who can do a minimum of 40 hours a week, GIG are inclusive and flexible, understanding that everyone’s circumstances are different and are happy to offer work on a part-time basis too allowing candidates to work hours based on their need and circumstances with no minimum term.

They offer this flexibility to their clients too, with no minimum shift time, meaning organisations can just pay for what they need, enabling them to be far more profitable and efficient in these trying times. Why pay for a chef to work 10am – 10pm each day if you only need one 12-3 and then 6-10. 

All this is delivered via an app. Whether you are an employer or a member of staff, you simply log your needs, and then the GIG workforce book themselves in for the jobs. It couldn’t be easier.

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