Are You Ready – Winter 2022

Are You Ready – Winter 2022

The Christmas period and the weeks proceeding is traditionally a busy time of year for bar owners, and we predict 2022 to potentially be one of the busiest for many years, with Christmas parties and people socialising with friends and family and catching up on the last two lost Christmases.

In 2022 though, an event that creates a huge opportunity for bars and restaurants is also moving into this space: the football World Cup. As a result, November and December 2022 will be the busiest and most important period of the year for the hospitality industry.

Below, the Servaclean team look at why this major global event, being held in this already busy time period, creates huge opportunities for bars.

Pocket Sports Bar in Mexborough


It should be noted that the major reason this has occurred is due to the heat in Qatar during the normal June/July World Cup slot being too intense, hence its move to later in the year. That said, the timezone in Qatar means that during the first few weeks there will be four games a day starting at 10 am (UK time) with almost 12 hours of constant football back-to-back.

For bar and restaurant owners the opportunity for fans to come early, watch games, and stay for lots of food and multiple drinks is unprecedented.

Good Customer Service

As we mention above, the hours for serving are long so ensuring you make your venue a great place to stay, eat and drink is vital.  Investing in your bar and team can help you maximise profits and make sure your bar is a venue where people want to come for a drink when the game is on, or hold their Christmas party.

Careful planning

With the mix of World Cup and Christmas parties, ensuring your venue can cater for both is going to be key. Good forward planning on dates when there are no games or when there are lots of games is crucial. Having separate areas with separate bars could help to keep both sets of customers happy and if you can use your garden space with an outdoor bar, you can offer much more to each set of consumers.

Don’t try to be both if you can’t

Working out where your strongest ability to provide good service during this period could be the key to success. Whilst it might be tempting to say you can offer amazing Christmas parties and a wonderful football experience in harmony, the truth might be you cannot. If you are much more suited to the party environment, ensure this is communicated. If you can ensure you offer one thing better than anyone else, your customers will have a great time and you will become known for being that place to go to, potentially seeing repeat bookings next year or for other events.

Where we can help

If you are unsure how your venue can be geared toward the Christmas party and the football fan customers, our highly experienced bar consultants can help you with your bar design and installation.  We have teams on hand that can help assist with every aspect and ensure you get a space that is workable, manageable, and profitable through this busy period and into the future.

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