Art installation invites consumers to step inside a Campari cocktail

Artist's impression of The Mostra

Campari Creates is presenting The Mostra, an art installation that gives visitors the feeling that they are inside a Campari cocktail.

Located on Dray Walk, just off London’s Brick Lane, Shoreditch, Campari Creates: The Mostra will run from 18 – 30 September.

Designed by abstract artist Mark McClure, guests will be “immersed in a constantly shifting environment” as they explore the installation, while enjoying Campari cocktail creations.

Mark’s design has been inspired by the effect of light in a cocktail; the transparency of colour, the shifting light and the translucent effect that happens to the liquid within the glass.

The Mostra has been designed so that visitors will experience the feeling of being inside a Campari cocktail.

Crafted by Campari’s Italian brand ambassadors, the bar will serve three of London’s favourite Campari cocktails: the Negroni, a mix of Campari, vermouth and gin, the Campari G&T, a Milanese twist on the British classic, plus the Negroni Sbagliato, the ‘wrong Negroni’, with sparkling wine replacing the gin.

During the residency, there will be a selection of Campari inspired events including the Campari Creates Lecture Series, which hosts a series of talks from Mark and a number of other creative minds, and Campari Creates: Perfect Cocktail Masterclasses.

Entry to The Mostra is free, with all Campari cocktails priced at £7.00.

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