Artesian adds Re’al ingredients for its world-class cocktails

Artesian Choco

Two products from the Re’al range of cocktail ingredients have been introduced at Artesian in London, one of the world’s best bars.

The bar at London’s Langham hotel has begun using Agave Re’al syrup and Coco Re’al cream of coconut after they were selected by assistant head bartender Simone Caporale (pictured below).

The agave syrup is used in classics such as a Margarita and a Tommy’s Margarita as well as in the Instant Crush, which is a mix of dry sherry, tequila, watermelon and timur pepper.

Artesian also replicates the taste of chocolate from the pre-hispanic period, when the first European tried it in Mexico 500 years ago, by combining Agave Re’al with cacao, water, mezcal, vermouth, chipotle and different spices, served warm with real gold nuggets (pictured top).

Simone said: “Every bartender looks for a starting product, which has an application that allows you to create the drinks you have visualised in your mind. The Re’al Cocktail Ingredients products are giving us great support in terms of both consistency and quality.

“Agave Re’al brings distinctive notes and that earthy aroma that agave plants have. There’s nothing better than to connect with what nature itself gives and what you can achieve in a final product like Agave Re’al.

“It’s amazing because you normally don’t tend to get so many different profiles of flavour in a syrup – the response from customers has been very positive.”

Simone Caporale

Artesian, which has been number one in the World’s 50 Best Bars listing for the past three years, is famous for championing the classic Pina Colada and now uses Coco Re’al, the original product in the Re’al range.

Simone said: “When we first received a bottle of Coco Re’al we started to play around with it along with coconut water, pineapple and rum. We wanted to get the same creamy texture that a classic Pina Colada would have with milk or cream, but we didn’t want to use any dairy.

“Now all we use is Coco Re’al along with simple ingredients to give it length and we play with the crystallisation of water to determine the texture.

“It depends how we freeze the water blended in the cocktail, as that determines the size of the crystal. While it was a big challenge to create the perfect drink, we love where we are now with the Coco Re’al blossom.

“Coco Re’al is not overpowering. Some other products tend to cover the rest of the ingredients and spoil your idea and the final result. Coco Re’al gives us big tolerance to play, without losing the rest of the ingredients.”

William Hinkebein, vice president of marketing for Re’al’s owner American Beverage Makers, added: “We are delighted that the Artesian bar, one of the most prestigious bars in the world, is now using our Agave Re’al and Coco Re’al. It’s a great reflection of the quality of our products and we look forward to many more establishments following their lead.”

Re’al is distributed in the UK by Cellar Trends.

Artesian coco

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