Asahi Super Dry relaunched as more ‘authentic’ Japanese beer

Asahi Super Dry 2018

Asahi Super Dry is to be relaunched in Britain in its authentic Japanese form for the first time after previously being brewed under licence by a third party.

Major investment combined with innovative technologies from Japan mean that Asahi Europe can take the brewing process in-house to make it to the same brewing standards as in Japan.

As well as being available in 330ml bottles, the super-premium beer will also be served for the first time using high-tech Japanese bar tap technology that ensures a pint in the UK will have the same perfect serve and taste as one in Tokyo.

The beer’s dry, crisp taste with a quick clean finish, known in Japan as “karakuchi”, will be replicated at the Padua brewery of Birra Peroni, owned by Asahi Europe.

Before the relaunch, an extensive testing and tasting period took place, comparing a like-for-like brew of the beer and ensuring it was an exact replica.

First produced in 1987, Asahi Super Dry is brewed with Asahi yeast, hops, barley and rice. It is distributed in the UK by Asahi UK, a subsidiary of Asahi Europe, which is taking over from Kent’s Shepherd Neame which has brewed the beer since 2005.

Announcing the relaunch today, Tim Clay, managing director of Asahi UK, said: “When Asahi Super Dry was originally introduced in Japan, it brought an entirely new genre of beer to the country that has now gone on to become its number one selling beer.

“Its unique dry, crisp taste with a quick clean finish, known as karakuchi, has undoubtedly been fundamental to this beer’s success.

“It was incredibly important for us to ensure we brought that same authentic taste to the UK market, therefore significant investment and comprehensive taste testing have taken place in collaboration with our Japanese colleagues.

“This will be the very first time British consumers will be able to enjoy Asahi Super Dry in its true form.

“We are incredibly proud to be launching this world-star beer in its truest form and adding it to the Asahi UK portfolio.

“We strongly believe it will make a huge impact on the beer category presenting a new super-premium beer experience, whether on its own or with a meal.”

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