Australian cold-press coffee liqueur to launch in UK

Mr Black liqueur

An award-winning coffee liqueur from Australia is being launched in the UK through Love Drinks.

Providing a coffee kick, the dark spirit is made from single-origin Arabica coffee beans from Ethiopia, Brazil and Papua New Guinea which are made into a blend that goes through cold extraction.

After using a cold-press process to extract the liquid from the coffee infusion, it is blended with pure Australian grain spirit, which allows the rich flavour of the coffee blend to shine through. No flavourings, caramels or vanillas are added.

With an overwhelming aroma of fresh espresso, the liqueur is bitter yet balanced with notes of chocolate and caramel and a fine citrus edge. It offers toffee and marmalade on the finish, with coffee right through to the end.

Mr Black was established in 2012 in Australia by designer Tom Baker and leading distiller Philip Moore and is produced at a tiny distillery on the central coast of Australia. It comes in 70cl bottles at 25% ABV.

Its striking black bottle includes an owl illustration by Australian artist Dale Bigeni which reveals more detail as the liquid goes down.

Tom said: “Mr Black is truly like no other coffee product in the drinks industry. We’re absolute purists when it comes to our product and spend more time thinking about coffee and spirits than anyone else out there.

“We love coffee – it pumps though our veins. Plenty of people make coffee liqueurs, but it’s just another flavour to them – an ingredient for cocktails. Mr Black is the star of the show – a heavy pour over a lump of ice and people pretty quickly get what we’re about.

“Introducing Mr Black to the UK is extremely exciting and something that we’ve considered and planned for a while.

“It certainly feels like the right time to introduce Mr Black to both the UK bar and coffee industries. There are definitely similarities between the two sectors: the pride in the drinks they serve and the quality of ingredients they use in their drinks are just two that spring to mind.”

Kirsty Loveday, managing director and founder of Love Drinks said: “Like Tom, we have been waiting to bring Mr Black to the UK for some time and are excited to see what the reaction will be.

“In the initial tastings we’ve held, feedback has been incredible and even our sales team have been pushing for an earlier launch as they can see the potential Mr Black has within the drinks industry and beyond.”

For serves, they suggest thinking of Mr Black as “a cocktail-ketchup for dark spirits and stirred cocktails”. It can be used to add a twist to classics such as a Negroni and an Old Fashioned or mixed 50:50 with whisky, mezcal, tequila or rum. It can also be served straight up with ice and an orange twist.

Black Negroni
25ml Mr Black Cold Press Coffee Liqueur
25ml Gin
15ml Campari
10ml Sweet vermouth
Stir with lots of ice in a mixing glass. Strain into a rocks glass and top with a grapefruit twist.

The Ryeball
40ml Mr Black Cold Press Coffee Liqueur
25ml Rye whiskey (ideally a punchy, high-proof rye)
12.5ml Campari
1 dash of The Bitter Truth Chocolate Bitters

El Jefe
25ml Mr Black Cold Press Coffee Liqueur
25ml Tequila
40ml Cold brew coffee
10ml Agave syrup
3ml Lemon juice
Fill lowball glass with ice. Combine ingredients in a cocktail shaker. Shake vigorously and strain into a glass. Top with a citrus twist and serve with straws.

Flat White Russian
25ml Mr Black Cold Press Coffee Liqueur
25ml Vodka
Steamed milk
Pull espresso shot. Add Mr Black Cold, vodka, steamed milk into a paper takeaway cup and garnish with a take-away lid.

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