Austrian bartender wins IBA’s World Cocktail Championships

rose sissy mario hofferer

Mario Hofferer from Austria was crowned bartender of the year in the annual World Cocktail Championships run by the International Bartenders Association.

His cocktail, Rosé Sissy (pictured), featured Giffard Sangria Syrup, inspired by Spanish culture as Mario is now living and working in Marbella. He combined it with vodka, sparkling wine and bitters plus a dash of edible gold.

Mario said that the pre-dinner cocktail was “a perfect balance” of only a few ingredients recreating a vermouth profile/taste without using any actual vermouth. He selected Schlumberger sparkling brut from Austria because of his own roots.

The final, held in Copenhagen last month, featured winning bartenders from around the world including Manuel Belotti from Wringer & Mangle in Spitalfields, London. Sponsors included Giffard whose liqueurs and syrups were used by three of the five bartenders through to the grand final.

Click here for a full list of winners for each round.

Rosé Sissy by Mario Hofferer
35ml Finlandia Classic Vodka
10ml Giffard Sangria Syrup
20ml Schlumberger Sparkling Brut
1 dash Angostura Bitters
1 dash Gold (edible)
Mixing technique: Mixing glass
Glass: Libbey Vintage Martini
Garnish: Orange
Decoration: Papaya, pitahaya, Thai pineapple, beet root, celery, basil and lavender

Mario Hofferer crowned Bartender of the year 2017

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