Autonumis introduces third generation EcoChill Bottle Coolers

Autonumis Ecochill Bottle Coolers

UK manufacturer Autonumis has recently announced the launch of its latest generation of EcoChill Bottle Coolers. First to be released is the standard double unit, which will be followed by the single and maxi-double.

The third generation version has a completely new refrigeration system, designed to utilise the latest in low-energy compressor and fan technology.

Other low-energy features include an uprated digital thermostat, more thermal insulation in the cabinet and argon-filled heat reflective sealed glass units in the doors.

With these technologies in place, the energy consumption of the latest design has been reduced by more than 25% compared with that of the outgoing models and over 43% since the original EcoChill range was launched 12 years ago.

Some of the energy saving features have found their way into the standard Autonumis Bottle Cooler range, called Popular, which is being re-launched alongside EcoChill.

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