Aviation American Gin expands into the UK

Aviation American Gin

Ryan Reynolds’ gin brand Aviation hopes to ‘disrupt’ the UK market as it continues its expansion plans with a multi-million-pound investment.

Owned by actor and producer Ryan Reynolds, the American craft gin is produced in Portland, Oregon, and features seven principle botanicals, including juniper, lavender, Indian sarsaparilla and anise. It is said to be “less juniper-heavy” than a traditional London Dry gin.

Originally launched in 2006, Aviation is now available in more than 40 countries. The brand is expanding its existing stronghold of the UK on-trade channel and is now available to buy online and in over 270 Asda stores and 60 Waitrose outlets.

Daniel Mandelbaum, vice president of marketing for Davos Brands, said: “We want to disrupt the UK gin category by firmly establishing Aviation American Gin as a key player in the super-premium gin sector.

“The craft gin scene in the US is booming and Aviation is leading this growth with a quality spirit that gives traditional gins a run for their money. With these new listings, we’re confident Aviation American Gin will reach lofty new heights.”

Ryan added: “Aviation American Gin is the best damn gin on the planet, and I look forward to proving that in the most discerning gin market on the planet, Great Britain.”

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