Baa Bars add loyalty scheme

Northern bar operator Baa Bar has launched a loyalty card to offer customers exclusive offers and benefits, including big discounts on selected drinks.

The Essentials scheme was designed and developed with IT specialists GS Systems and run via Baa Bar’s epos solution, using a swipe card that allows people to earn points every time they buy drinks.

If they spend £1, they automatically receive 10 points. Once they have accumulated 750 points they are sent a voucher for free drinks or special Baa Bar merchandise. They can also use the card to queue jump on busy nights.

Iain Hoskins, Baa Bar’s marketing and brand manager, who was responsible for developing the scheme with GS, said: “This is a really great added-value scheme for all our customers. Available at the bar for a mere £3, the cards easily pay for themselves many times over.”

Once customers have bought the card, they manage their accounts online via the Baa Bar Essentials dashboard by signing in and entering a valid email address and password. Once logged in, customers can view their points total, update personal details and redeem points for vouchers.

Essentials was also used to promote the Baa Bar brand to thousands of university students across the north-west during freshers’ week in the Autumn.

There are now eight Baa Bars in the group in Liverpool, Manchester, Nottingham and Leeds.

GS Systems installed over 70 epos touchscreen terminals and a head office central management solution for the multiple chain earlier this year to improve cash and stock management and business reporting. The solution was designed so that a complete cloud-based customer loyalty package could be activated at a later date with Toshiba A10 epos terminals fitted with card swipes.

GS Systems loyalty specialist Stuart Wearing said: “The cards are simply swiped through the epos terminals at the point of purchase once they have been activated online via an integrated portal on Baa Bar’s website. Cards can only be authenticated once customers have entered personal details online, including a valid email address.

“The beauty of Essentials is threefold. First, it allows Baa Bar to directly target and reward customers, whenever they purchase drinks or food, cutting out the wastage associated with voucher schemes run in magazines and via printed flyers. Second, the success of the scheme can be tracked in real time and adapted to meet immediate sales requirements.

“Third, Essentials eliminates the need for expensive printing, production and distribution costs, which can easily spiral out of control. With Essentials you get cost certainty and feedback about the impact of your activity.”

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