The launch of “BACHE-GABRIELSEN 5”, an organic and eco-designed VSOP cognac, marks a bold step in the contribution of Maison Bache-Gabrielsen for a cleaner future. By creating this cognac, Maison Bache-Gabrielsen with the help of its suppliers, enriches its CSR process by selecting what is best for the environment and the reduction of carbon footprint. 

 Since 1905, Maison Bache-Gabrielsen strives to offer cognac made with passion, transparency and expertise. The awareness of its environmental impact led it to consider a different way of producing and consuming. Out of conviction, it decided to create this organic and eco-designed superior VSOP called « 5 »

5, like the 5th generation of the Bache-Gabrielsen family who will arrive 

onboard in a few years. 

5, like 5 years old ageing for this fruity & silky organic blend made from 

Fins Bois and Petite Champagne districts. 

5, like the 5Rs of the key points of ECO-DESIGN which inspired us for 

this creation. 

Bache-Gabrielsen « 5 » reflects the Maison’s commitment to a new vision of the application of its savoir-faire. Taking into account all of the environmental issues at each step of the production line, « 5 » is a cognac with the lowest possible environmental impacts: from the vine and the soil, from which the grapes will be used during the distillation of a 100% organic cognac, to the suppliers’ selection whose social and environmental commitments match with the values of the Maison and whose innovations allow it to go further in the eco-designed process. 

Bache-Gabrielsen « 5 » is also a vision of the cognac sector’s future, that will put the sustainable development at the heart of its activity. All that is made possible thanks to the design of a product that follows a mantra, the 5R

Replace : Limit single-use components inside our packaging and favor environmental friendly materials. 

Reduce : From the starting point, our bottle’s design was thought to limit the consumption of raw materials. 

Reuse : Allow the bottle to be refilled and reused thanks to the deposit process. 

Recycle : Anything that cannot be reused on our packaging must be recyclable. 

  • BOTTLE = 96% recycled from household glass, 100% recyclable 
  • CORKS = single material, 100% recyclable 
  • LABEL = 100% recycled and recyclable paper, no hot stamping 
  • SLEEVE = single material, 100% recyclable 

Renew : Give this bottle a new role once used, such as a vase, a candle stand or a bottle of olive oil. 

Bache-Gabrielsen “5” will be available on from Nov 15th. 

RRP: 49,50€ including taxes – Limited edition of 1920 bottles of 50cl. 

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