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At Bar Magazine, we know that help and advice is needed now more than ever. Reopening a venue and getting back to doing what we all know and love so much comes with a long-awaited sigh of relief, but there is still a sense of uncertainty for some. That is why we are so excited to introduce our new partnership with The Licenced Trade Charity. The LTC are a charity who specialise in helping everyone in the hospitality industry. In the year 2020 alone, they provided support to over 65 (73k) thousand people in the industry facing crisis. Every month we will be teaming up with The LTC for them to be answering your questions. This will be everything from housing and finance to employment and mental health; no matter the topic, we will have an expert on hand to help you. As well as a monthly expert column, we will be providing you with an extended video on our website that will be jam-packed with expert advice. Send in your questions to us via Instagram @barmagazine to get involved. We can’t wait to hear from you!

I can’t wait to get our pub open again and welcome my staff back. I know that some of my team have been struggling financially over the last year, and I want to be supportive. What sort of support can the Licensed Trade Charity offer to make things a bit easier for them?  Also, is there any support that the LTC can provide me as a manager?

Carolyn Jenkinson, Head of Charity Services at Licenced Trade Charity

The Licenced Trade Charity are ultimately there to provide a wealth of help and support for those in the industry. It doesn’t matter what role you are in the trade – it can be kitchen porter, bar supervisor, manager; we want to support everyone. We understand that many people will be quite concerned when it comes down to returning to work and knowing what their hours will be and how much money they will potentially be bringing in. This will raise questions such as, how will bills be paid, will staff be working full time and will their contract be permanent. We have put a lot of support in place for these exact concerns. In this instance, our helpline would be the best support available, where our advisors are on hand 24/7. Besides emotional support, we provide practical support with advisors who are trained to a professional standard. This can be an excellent alternative to contacting a money advice bureau, which we know for some, can be quite daunting. Instead of having to go through the process of making an appointment, this helpline is available to those who need it at any time of the day or night to discuss their concerns with money and finances. We know that managers are supportive of their staff and feel incredibly passionate about their wellbeing; however, we must remember that they are not necessarily there to provide financial advice or counselling. This is why it is vital to provide staff with access to our free helpline, where they can get help with things such as rent, payment arrears, and advice on prioritising debts. Our advisors are incredibly welcoming and offer judgement-free support that is completely confidential; it really is a great way to get some top tips on how to deal with struggles during these uncertain times.

As well as our helpline, we have launched a new app called Nudge. Nudge is purely there to look after your financial wellbeing and is a place that enables you to look at every aspect of money. It doesn’t matter your age or position within the trade; the app is there to advise with everything to do with managing on a reduced income. We were incredibly aware that a lot of online material that provides help with budgeting is predominantly pension focused, so Nudge is tailormade for those working in the hospitality industry and gives great bite-sized steps on how to address debt and budget without the stress. It is absolutely paramount for staff and landlords to know that it is important to talk about any struggles they may be experiencing, and the LTC are there to provide the help that is needed.

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