Baileys launches dairy-free vegan-friendly variant in on-trade

Baileys Almande

Diageo is launching a new dairy-free variant of Baileys into the on-trade after its huge success in the off-trade.

Baileys Almande sold out in less than two months across Britain after a trial launch in Whole Foods and The Goodness Project stores.

The vegan-friendly variant blends the nutty flavours of sweet almond oil and almond essence with vanilla, bottled at 13% ABV. It is recommended for serving simply over a few cubes of ice in a short tumbler.

It allows licensees to tap into growing demand for dairy-free products which is currently worth £400million in the UK, according to Euromonitor.

Laura Pearce, marketing director for Baileys Europe, said: “With dairy-free products in high demand, and almond milk currently the fastest-growing product in its category, it made sense, as the number-one-selling liqueur brand, to produce an alternative variant which taps into this.

“Baileys Almande offers customers who buy into the ‘free from’ category, which is currently worth £586million, and existing customers looking to try something new, the opportunity to truly indulge under the strength of the Baileys name.

“Following the success of the initial roll-out into Whole Foods and The Goodness Project, we expect it will see great results in the on-trade channel too.”

The new bottle features the signature Baileys design teamed with a fresh new colour palette that complements the “free from” market and aims to achieve stand-out behind the bar.

The launch of Baileys Almande will be supported by a “significant” six-figure marketing investment and a targeted digital campaign.

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