Bar staff on hand to rescue customers from disastrous dates

The Well Clerkenwell

A gastropub is offering to help its customers to escape a Valentine’s Day dating disaster by setting up a service via Twitter.

Operation Ditch-A-Date will run at The Well (pictured) in Clerkenwell, London, on February 14, with staff on hand to help people who need rescuing with a phone call.

There are five steps:

1. Ensure you are following @thewellpub on Twitter before you head out to meet your date.

2. If you want out, send a direct message on Twitter to @thewellpub with the phrase “Kiss of Death” and your mobile phone number.

3. A member of The Well’s team will immediately leap into action, calling your phone so you can pretend it is an emergency and talk you through the next steps.

4. While you are making your excuses to your date, The Well will have your bill ready, order a taxi to be on standby outside and even given you a free drink for you to magnanimously give the ditched date as an apology for having to leave.

5. Make your seamless escape from Cupid’s clearly misfired arrow.

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