Barbecue sauces from French’s launched for UK foodservice

French's burger yellow mustard

Empire Bespoke Foods has extended its range of sauces for foodservice from leading US manufacturer French’s Food Company.

French’s BBQ Sauce Kansas City Classic is a rich, zesty, tomato-based sauce with a balance of caramelised sweetness and tang. Smooth and spicy, it goes with Kansas classic burnt ends or pulled pork.

French’s BBQ Sauce Louisiana Hot and Spicy is a full-bodied blend of smoky heat and sweet and tangy tomato. It can be smothered on hotdogs with pickle but can also be added to chilli con carne for a smooth and smoky kick.

French’s BBQ Sauce Mississippi Sweet and Smoky is made with Grade A honey, combining a smooth sweetness with the tangy vinegar and tomato profile. Balanced by natural hickory smoke and a hint of garlic, it works well as a sticky sauce for ribs or dolloped on top of burgers.

They are available to the foodservice sector in 396g easy-squeeze bottles. The Kansas City Classic is also available in 3.78-litre catering plastic packs.

Nick Thomas, Empire Bespoke Foods’ sales and marketing director, said: “With the trend for American cuisine showing no signs of letting up we’re thrilled to be extending our range of French’s to the foodservice sector with the addition of a trio of authentic US barbecue sauces.

“Consumers and operators alike trust and respect the French’s brand for their condiment expertise and all three of these products deliver on taste and flavour so we are expecting them to get off to a flying start this summer.”

Empire Bespoke Foods has also strengthened its growing condiment selection with the addition of a Classic Yellow Spicy Mustard (pictured) from French’s. It is available to the foodservice sector in 226g easy-squeeze plastic bottles.

The mustard has a hint of cayenne pepper and can be used for sandwiches, wraps, hotdogs and burgers or mixed into dips and sauces for a fiery kick.

Earlier this year, Empire Bespoke Foods introduced Texas Jalapeno Tomato Relish, Californian Sweet Onion Relish and New York Deli Pickle Relish from the French’s range.

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