Bars and pubs benefit from new cost-saving device

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Good news for bar managers and publicans! Following a hugely successful launch last year, LineClenze, the namesake brand behind the highly regarded beverage waste reduction device, has announced the launch of further branches throughout the UK, resulting in a truly nationwide presence.

The LineClenze device works by slowing the build-up of yeast on beer lines, minimising the frequency at which they need to be cleaned. Customers already using the system have reported that line cleaning can be reduced to once every 28 days or more, with 94% achieving a return on investment within just six months.

Amanda Daniels, managing director for LineClenze, said: “We’re already seeing an impressive uptake from pubs, bars and hotels nationwide. Line cleaning is a nasty dirty job, universally hated by all bar staff, and the benefits of this device are undeniable – fewer cleans mean less beverage waste, reduced staffing costs associated with cleaning, less wear and tear on lines and a better taste for the end consumer. We’ve been told it’s a no brainer.”

Amanda continued: “With beer sales reported as fragile, it is increasingly important that licensees take all possible measures to improve their business processes, particularly in relation to reducing waste and improving the taste of their beverages to encourage more sales. The LineClenze device is a relatively cost-effective, high-impact way to achieve this.”

LineClenze is a nationwide group offering waste reduction solutions to the hospitality and leisure industries. For further information call 07436 015922, email, or visit
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