Bars given official Olympics poster

A poster has been released for bars and pubs to promote screenings of the London Olympics – with the warning that it is the “only” advertising that venues can use. The London Organising Committee of the Olympic and Paralympic Games (LOCOG) has designed the poster to ensure that the exclusive rights of sponsors such as Coca-Cola are protected.

There are two posters – one for the Olympics and one for the Paralympics – saying “Watch the Games here”, accompanied by strict guidelines on how they can be used. LOCOG adds: “We are licensing the use of these posters, which are the only ways in which businesses may advertise the screenings, for use by pubs, bars, hotel lounges and social and sports clubs which want to show the Games in their establishments.”

Its terms and conditions include the warning: “Other than the posters, we do not authorise promotion of the viewing of the Games at your establishment in any other advertising, including TV, newspaper, print, websites or other media.”

LOCOG adds that the posters cannot be used by food-led premises such as restaurants or by bars and pubs that are part of a chain or a franchise business with multiple locations under the same name. It also points out that bars and pubs showing the Games cannot charge a fee for people to enter areas areas where the Games are being screened.

The British Beer and Pub Association broadly welcomed the posters but added that it was seeking to clarify the warnings accompanying them. Chief executive Brigid Simmonds said: “It is good to have an official ‘watch the games here’ poster to enable pubs to advertise that they are showing the Games and encourage customers to watch. We will however explore further the guidance around its use, as I hope the rules will not restrict some pub chains from having a poster. Whilst we all support and understand the rights of brands who have paid millions of pounds to sponsor the Olympic and Paralympics, it would be great for a pub to be able to say simply on its chalkboard ‘We are showing the Olympic Games here’.”

The organising committee, which regulates the use of the London Olympics name, explained that the rules for screening the Games are “designed to ensure that the way in which a business refers to the fact that it is showing the Games does not create an association with the Games. The ability to associate with the Games is a very valuable right which belongs to our partners, and it cannot be exploited for free. It is essential that the unique and exclusive rights of our official Games sponsors, who are our partners in putting on the Games, are protected.”

Simmonds added: “Watching sport in a pub is now part of our DNA. The Olympics and Paralympics offer pubs a real focus for the summer. If estimates of a £750million retail spend come to fruition, pubs need the ability to market their premises to visitors and the local community who can drink a pint and watch and support their team.”

The poster can be downloaded from LOCOG by clicking here.

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