Bars make a Rendeevoo with new dating app

rendeevoo logo

Rendeevoo is London’s newest dating app – with a cocktail twist.

Born in the heart of east London, Rendeevoo offers a revolutionary approach to the way we use technology for meeting new people.

Users can invite each other at one of the app’s partnering bars for a spontaneous cocktail, without exchanging a single text. If the receiving user accepts the invitation, both users are asked to purchase their first cocktail through the app to confirm their rendez-vous. When they arrive at the bar, they simply have to show their phone to a member of staff who will redeem and serve their cocktail of choice without any extra costs.

This streamlined way of meeting people in the real world is today’s best option for any cocktail bar that wishes to increase its foot traffic with socially active Londoners, especially during week nights. The app charges no listing fees to its partners but a commission on the first round of drinks ordered. It does not require POS integration.

Rendeevoo has been live for over a year now, and they have announced upcoming coverage for the rest of London in the coming months. They are seeking to partner with more venues and increase their operational capacity in order to serve more audiences.

Rendeevoo only partners with bars that have appropriate atmosphere for intimate conversations, superior customer service, and of course exquisite cocktails. Their early set of partners include The Proud Archivist, McQueen, Loves Company, 76Blessings, and Proud Cabaret, all based in and around the company’s mother market of Shoreditch.

Their branding and marketing is focused on empowering people to stop wasting time online and enjoy their real lives more. Their tag line is #FlirtResponsibly – a catchy way to promote flirting and drinking simultaneously.

If your bar is interested in being part of Rendeevoo, you can contact the founder directly at or click here to pre-register your interest and they will follow up soon after.

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