Bars opt for retro refrigeration to create a vintage look

Retro Refrigeration from Precision

Zoe Fryday speaks to Christine Hartshorne, marketing manager at Precision Refrigeration, about the new Precision Retro Refrigeration back bar units.

Why is retro refrigeration trending?

“It’s the vintage 1960s retro look that is really capturing the imagination of people at the moment. It has a trend-defying classic look that creates nostalgia. If customers are looking to go somewhere that is that little bit different, vibrant and popular, then choosing a bar with a vintage look could be right up their street.

“Precision’s Retro Refrigeration range took the market by surprise in 2016, when it was first launched. Its classic vintage looks, retro handles and hinges are really eye-catching. It therefore made complete sense for Precision to build on this success, extend the range, and introduce these lovely new back bar units to customers now.”

How does it differ from other styles?

“On the inside, the Retro Refrigeration units have a modern professional refrigerator system with the latest energy-efficient features, and perfect temperature control. On the outside, customers can enjoy the vintage retro styling that gives a striking focal point of any bar.

“Its cutting-edge technology is perfectly combined with classic vintage looks. There is no other product on the market that matches the performance and design of the Retro Refrigeration range.”

How does this style of refrigeration fit in with the design of a venue?

“The Retro Refrigeration range is a stand out product. With its iconic vintage looks, it is both aesthetically stunning, and hugely practical.

“The fact that you can have your Retro Refrigeration product painted to any RAL number, means it can fit into the décor style of the venue seamlessly. There is also a selection of metal, glass or wooden doors to choose from, so you can have the exact finish of the unit you want.”

What does it bring to the interior?

“Precision’s Retro Refrigeration enhances the atmosphere in the bar, adding to the vintage features in the venue.

“You can’t help but love the Retro Refrigeration range. It brings such character to any bar or foodservice environment. Its classic hinges and handles are so recognisable, whilst having the modern technology benefits customers can enjoy.

“The flexibility of the award-winning Retro Refrigeration range means that you can have both the performance and vintage design flare all in one, so it offers customers something that little bit different.”

What advice would you give to operators when it comes to selecting refrigeration for their bar?

“Consider the aesthetics, as well as the functional benefits refrigeration equipment can bring to the bar area. No longer do customers need to settle for refrigeration equipment that doesn’t add to the overall look and feel of the bar design.

“Both functionality and performance is important when selecting refrigeration equipment. Make sure the units do what you need them to, storing drinks at a constant temperature to serve that perfectly chilled drink on demand, as and when you need it.”

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