Bars turn to Slovenian flavours for cocktails

KrucefixA range of liqueurs and eaux-de-vie from Slovenia have been launched in the UK for using in cocktails.

Available from Speciality Drinks, they come from the small Krucefix distillery in Krize, made from hand-picked plants and fruit that are fermented before distillation.

The nine eaux-de-vie, all at 40% ABV, are mountain pine, wild mint, dandelion, bitter spruce, spruce, larch, thyme, cherry and pear. The 11 liqueurs, all 20% ABV, are wild mint, juniper, blueberry, larch, spruce, mountain pine, lemon, raspberry, strawberry, cinnamon and honey.

Products in the Krucefix range are used at London bar Kench & Bibesy in Farringdon where bartender Marlowe Harris combined the spruce eau-de-vie with Sette Vie Amaro, La Quintinye sweet vermouth and orange bitters to make a Spruced-Up Negroni.

Kench & Bibesy bartender Simon Epale created the Blonde Dandy, mixing the dandelion eau de vie with Pineau des Charentes, Flaggpunsch and lemon juice.

The range is being imported by Lovenia, which has also introduced Pleterje Charterhouse Pear Brandy with Williams Pear, made by monks at the foot of the Gorjanci mountains in Slovenia.

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