Bartender triumphs in leading bar’s Cointreau Fizz challenge

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Francesco Rossetto won a competition to create a new twist on the classic Cointreau Fizz for bartenders at the world-leading Rivoli Bar at The Ritz in London.

He devised the Incointreauvertible Fizz which combines Cointreau liqueur with elderflower liqueur, a blend of vermouths, Luxardo Maraschino Liqueur and his own homemade hibiscus soda.

He garnished the cocktail with an orange twist and edible violet flowers to evoke flowers blooming as it will be listed on the bar’s menu for spring from March 1

Francesco’s inspiration behind the winning cocktail dates back to his first bartending interview when he was asked about the Cosmopolitan – a modern classic made with Cointreau.

As well as seeing his cocktail on the menu, his prize also includes a trip to Angers, France, the home of Cointreau.

The competition was judged by Walter Pintus, head bartender at the Rivoli Bar, and Valentine Le Gouche and George Adcock, both from Rémy Cointreau UK.

The idea behind the competition was to re-create the Cointreau Fizz which was first mentioned in Jean Lupoiu’s Cocktails Book of 1948.

The Rivoli Bar was also presented with an engraved vintage Cointreau Siphon during the competition. This luxury gift is offered by Cointreau to selected partners in honour of their contribution to the story of the liqueur.

There are only seven vintage Cointreau siphons in the UK. It is a timeless tool in cocktail creations in the most prestigious bars of the world. Siphons have also been presented to Mr Fogg’s and Quaglino’s in London.

Incointreauvertible Fizz by Francesco Rossetto
30ml Cointreau
20ml Elderflower liqueur
22ml Vermouth blend (Cocchi Americano, orange muscat and white port)
2 dashes Luxardo Maraschino Liqueur
Homemade hibiscus soda
Put all the ingredients in the shaker with ice and roll. Strain over an ice chunk and top up with Hibiscus soda. The cocktail should be served in a ribbed tumbler garnished with an orange twist and edible violet flowers.

cointreau fizz francesco

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