Bartenders launch new range of mixers for cocktails

ODK Andy Collinson Tom Dyer

A new range of mixers for cocktails has been launched in the UK with the backing of two British bartenders who are leading figures in the world of flair.

ODK Mixers, developed in Italy by bartenders for bartenders, are designed to be easy to use to reduce the time it takes to make cocktails and speciality coffees while maintaining flavour, consistency and colour.

They have been launched into the UK on-trade by Tom Dyer (pictured right), a multiple world champion of flair bartending and Guinness World Record holder, and Andy Collinson (left) who, with Tom, is co-founder of the World Flair Association.

The range features three lines: fruit purees, syrups and a unique cream line with 26 flavours, including coconut puree, caramel syrup and pistachio cream.

Tom and Andy were approached by ODK’s parent company to launch the line of mixers in the UK due to their extensive knowledge and experience of both the UK and global cocktail industry.

Andy said: “We are passionate about the art of making cocktails so we were only willing to get behind the new venture if the product was of the highest quality.

“The whole range has been trialled in semi-secret at different London locations for around a year to a great reception, so we decided it was time to launch nationwide with our new online shop.”

The mixers have been designed to work for all types of bars including those who already offer cocktails as well as bars considering introducing them.

Each ODK Mixer is easy to open and ready for use instantly. The bottles have a built-in pourer and valve which prevents air getting into the product when not in use, leading to a three-month shelf life once opened and stored at room temperature.

“ODK Mixers really can benefit any bar that wants to serve cocktails,” Andy added. “We have helped several bars bring a cocktail offering to their customers by serving our ‘introduction cocktails’ which contain only four ingredients and need only 25ml or 50ml of spirit.”

Andy and Tom will be doing a tour of bars in cities across the UK starting in 2016 to allow bartenders to test the new products.

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