Bartenders to present cocktail ideas for Ukrainian vodka

Staritsky Levitsky

Bartenders will be on hand in leading off-licences for London Cocktail Week to show people how to make cocktails with super-premium vodka Staritsky & Levitsky.

The team behind the Ukrainian brand have joined forces with Nicolas and Spirited Wines stores across central London for the cocktail festival that runs from October 6 to 12.

Drawing on Staritsky & Levitsky’s role as official vodka partner of the 2014 Xperia Access Q Awards, people will have the chance to win VIP tickets to the awards.

They will be encouraged to upload a “selfie” with their Staritsky & Levitsky cocktail using the hashtag #youaretheartist on Twitter to enter the competition. It is part of a wider social media campaign by the brand around the catchline of “Your are the artist”, celebrating creativity.

It is Staritsky & Levitsky’s second year as official vodka partner at the Q Awards. It was also a sponsor of the Kerrang! Awards.

Launched by managing director Oliver Hibbs-Brockway, the vodka has secured group-wide listings with bar operator Living Ventures and London’s elite Brompton Brands. It is also available at private member’s club Loulou’s, Galvin at Windows, The Red Bar at Grosvenor House and Sketch in London.

Staritsky & Levitsky is made with high-quality ethanol made from pure Ukrainian wheat which is distilled five times through traditional, copper stills. It is then blended with pure spring water from the Carpathian Mountains and filtered four times – twice through charcoal and twice through rhinestone.

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Separately, Staritsky & Levitsky’s vodkas will be available at a members club created by the brand within the Tasting Room at Harrods in Knightsbridge, London, from October 7 to 21.


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