BBPA produces guidance to help licensees during the World Cup

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Guidance has been produced by the British Beer & Pub Association (BBPA) to help bars and pubs ensure that this year’s FIFA World Cup screenings are a success.

The new advice has been developed with the support of the Local Government Association and the National Police Chiefs’ Council. The guidance is intended as a template for licensees, local authorities and police to work together to ensure that the FIFA World Cup is an enjoyable occasion for all. It provides a handy checklist to make sure all angles are covered for busy and successful screenings.

Advice includes contacting the police and licensing officers to let them know plans for showing FIFA World Cup events, making public transport information readily available to assist customers in leaving venues safely, and being vigilant for suspicious behaviour or anything that seems out of place or unusual.

BBPA chief executive Brigid Simonds said: “Pubs are the home of live sport and will be at the heart of the World Cup for those fans who won’t be making it to Russia. This new BBPA guidance has been designed to help pubs have a successful tournament by working closely with their local authorities to ensure as many people as possible choose to enjoy the football at their local.”

A spokesperson for the National Police Chiefs’ Council added: “We welcome the guidance published by the BBPA and hope that premises adopt the good practice it contains, this will help ensure that all those who wish to watch the World Cup in Pubs, Bars and Clubs can do so in as safe an environment as possible.”

Click here to see the BBPA’s guidance.

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