Beck’s rolls out limited edition label designs to outlets across the UK

Beck's six limited edition labels

Beck’s beer is launching six new label designs as part of its Be Kreativ campaign to help pub and bar owners appeal to creative audiences.

The labels have been created by six artists: Greg Coulton, Art + Believe, Charles Williams, Jonny Wan, Nomad Clan and Nicolas Dehghani.

Ten million limited edition labels will be rolled out across UK retailers and select pubs and bars from 8 October and will be available until early December.

Beck’s has had a longstanding association with the creative scene, having first launched Beck’s Art Labels over 25 years ago. During this time, the brand has worked with a number of UK artists to reinterpret the brand’s label with their own designs – showcasing their work millions of consumers.

As well as artists, the brand will be celebrating everyday creativity by supporting the work of musicians, writers, coders and more through its online Be Kreativ platform.

The website puts a spotlight on different creatives, hosting examples of their work and sharing information on their background and experience, style and techniques and what inspires them.

The launch of the six new label designs will also be supported by a partnership with screen-printing studio, Print Club London.

A special event will be held to mark the launch in October, bringing together a host of illustrators, artists and designers. Here, Beck’s and Print Club London will bring the new label designs to life with live screen-printing demos – giving guests a special screen-printed version of their favourite label design to take home and encouraging them to Be Kreativ.

Tatiana Stadukhina, marketing director for AB InBev UK, said: “Beck’s has a rich history of independent thinking and a strong affinity with the creative scene.

“From being the first German brewery to use green bottles in 1874, to the introduction of our popular Art Labels more than 25 years ago, we’re always looking for new and exciting ways to support the creative community.

“This year’s designs celebrate the variety of styles and artistic skills in the creative world, with each designer putting their own unique spin on the label.

“Our collection of eye-catching designs and Beck’s legacy as a beer that celebrates creativity will help our customers tap into the trend for bespoke, limited edition packaging – as well as the demand for brands that not only cater to the needs of consumers, but also align with their personality and values.”

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