Beer brewed in Goa introduced to UK on-trade

Goa Premium Beer

A beer imported from the Indian region of Goa has been launched into the UK on-trade, focused on Asian restaurants.

Goa Premium Beer, at 4.8% ABV, has a crisp, refreshing flavour, made from malt and maize, making it gluten free. Its malt taste stands up well when drunk with heavily spicy food.

It comes in 340ml and 650ml bottles as well as a 500ml can, distributed by Viiking Ventures UK which showcased it at the Imbibe Live show in London last week.

It is being promoted as an Indian beer actually brewed in India rather than under licence in Europe like some other brands. However, distribution is going beyond just Indian restaurants to Asian cuisine generally such as Thai.

The beer is made by Impala Distillery and Brewery in Goa as part of a 20-year partnership with Viiking Ventures. It is manufactured and bottled by Impala exclusively and all production costs and marketing responsibilities are handled by Viiking Ventures.

Sachiin Joshi, chairman of Viiking Ventures, said: “The unique taste comes from the waters of Goa used in production, making it the preferred choice for the beer-drinking population.

“People from around the world have had it in ‪Goa‬ and are eagerly awaiting its global availability. The product has immense potential, even overseas.”

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