Beer This in Mind…

Lindsay Castling, Senior Brand Marketing Manager at Estrella Galicia, provides five top tips to promote beer to guests at your bar.

Knowledgeable Staff

With such a wide variety of beers on offer and regular new entrants to the market, customers like to get some guidance on what to spend their money on. If your staff can talk passionately about their products, then the customers will have more trust in the venue and also feel they are getting added value.

Well-Trained Staff

The person pouring the beer should be just as important as the person brewing it. A beer that is poured well is undoubtedly going to be enjoyed more than a badly poured one. Each brand has their own preferred way of how their beer should be poured, and it makes such a difference to the delivery of the product. When a customer enjoys something, they are more likely to not only stay for another one, and stick with beer, but also come back!

Correct Glassware

There is nothing worse than ordering your beer of choice and it being served in another brand’s glass. You don’t feel like you are getting the full experience of your chosen drink and, with the cost of a pint continuing to rise, why shouldn’t our customers be treated to a premium experience?

Food Pairing

Whether it’s a light bite, bar snack or full meal, food pairing suggestions are a great way of promoting a beer. Simple POS, notes on menus or scribbles on blackboards making suggestions of what would enhance their drinking experience is a great way to promote and add value to the category. Again, your staff having this knowledge is essential!


We can’t forget that the simplest way of promoting a beer on the bar is to make sure it is visible and not lost in a crowd. Don’t over-do the number of products in the same style on your bar. It’s great to give the customer choice but two world lagers are enough. The customer should be able to trust their chosen venue in the products they offer, then enjoy a simple choice and, most importantly, their drinking experience.

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