Belvedere Vodka demonstrates how to drink, eat and live well

belvedere Pina Kale-ada

A pop-up bar from Belvedere Vodka for London Cocktail Week aims to “change the way we look at what we drink and how we drink it”.

The “Drink, Eat, Live” pop-up will serve Belvedere cocktails made with cold-press juices and using recipes low in alcohol and low or free of sucrose.

Claire Smith, head of spirit creation and mixology for Belvedere, said: “We recognise that enjoying a well-made cocktail is part of the social fabric of life, and we wanted to celebrate this by demonstrating fantastic cocktails made with a variety of alcohol levels as well as different, 100% natural flavours and sweeteners.

“Great drinks don’t have to just be about how much alcohol they contain, but should be judged by how delicious they are. Today we are aware of the harmful effects of overindulgence from not just alcohol but from sugar and artificial flavours, and Belvedere want to show that there are ways to drink ‘better’, when armed with just a little bit of knowledge.”

Workshops and talks on positive drinking, restorative experiences and tips including massage and yoga, primarily aimed at bartenders, will also be on offer to everyone and discounted to those with a London Cocktail Week wristband.

It will run from Wednesday October 8 to Friday October 10 at Cucumber Alley, Unit 22 of the Thomas Neal Centre in Seven Dials, Covent Garden. It will be open from midday to 8pm.

It ties in with London Cocktail Week which runs from October 6 to 12. For details about obtaining wristbands, visit

Drink, Eat, Live is an ongoing programme created by Claire to promote health and wellness in drinking. The programme was originally created to give lifestyle advice to bartenders, who often find it difficult to find a balance in a world where alcohol takes centre stage.

Belvedere Vodka uses 100% Polish Dankowskie rye, is distilled across four columns and does not contain any sugar, glycerine, additives or enhancers.

The drinks served in the bar will also contain Belvedere flavoured vodka which only contains 100% fresh fruit without any sugar or artificial flavours used.

Pictured is a Pina-kale-ada.

Timings of master classes (Wednesday, Thursday and Friday)

Daily, 12-2pm: Restore
Juice/Massage/ restore Supplements. Juice provided by Imbibery

Wednesday and Friday only, 2-3pm: Drink, Eat, Live: Sugar
The Good, The Bad & The Ugly of Sugar, talk by Claire Smith

Daily, 3-8pm: No/Low Cocktails
Low and zero ABV & sugar cocktails

Daily, 6-7pm: Balance
Movement/yoga/meditation, activity led by Georgia van Tiel

Wednesday and Friday only, 7-8pm: Positive Drinking
Better Drinking 101


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