Belvoir celebrates elderflower harvest with limited edition

belvoir presse hello summer

Belvoir Fruit Farms has introduced a cheery “Hello Summer” limited edition version of its popular Elderflower Pressé to coincide with the start of the elderflower harvest.

The label combines delicate illustrations of elderflowers with another classic symbol of summer, the sunflower, and is available from today (May 29).

Hand-made at Belvoir using handfuls of freshly picked flowers, zingy, pressed lemon juice and lightly sparkling spring water, Belvoir’s Elderflower Pressé is a refreshing taste of summer – delicious alone with ice, or mixed with gin for a cooling aperitif. Like all Belvoir’s drinks, it contains no artificial flavourings, preservatives, colourings or sweeteners.

The arrival of the elderflower is anxiously anticipated by Belvoir. Every year they call on the help of locals to gather in the blossoms from the company’s own elderflower plantations and from those growing wild in the surrounding hedgerows.

It is only a short six-week harvest, which usually starts at the end of May, and is a race against time to gather in the 60 tonnes that Belvoir needs to transform into its award-winning Elderflower cordials and pressés.

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