Belvoir extends range with more lower-calorie varieties

Belvoir Light

Belvoir Fruit Farms has added two new “light” varieties to its range of soft drinks, containing 30% less sugar than the original versions.

It has introduced zingy Raspberry Lemonade Light and fragrant Elderflower & Rose Pressé Light, companions to the popular Elderflower Pressé Light which launched in 2014. They come in 75cl bottles.

Like all Belvoir’s drinks, the Light range is hand made at Belvoir using real pressed fruit juices and freshly picked flowers so that despite the reduction in sugar there is no reduction in flavour. They use only natural ingredients with no artificial preservatives or sweeteners.

Raspberry Lemonade Light has the zingy taste of real raspberries and lemons but a 250ml serving contains 55 calories compared to 107 calories in original Raspberry Lemonade.

Elderflower & Rose Pressé Light has the same delicately floral taste as the original recipe thanks to the freshly picked flowers, fresh lemon juice and hint of rose petal extract, but 28 fewer calories per 250ml serving compared to original Elderflower & Rose Pressé.

The already-popular Elderflower Pressé Light is more delicate in taste than the original Pressé but has the same heady, floral aromas of freshly picked elderflowers, tangy citrus from pressed lemon juice and gentle bubbles but with 60 calories compared to 100 calories in the original drink.

The complete Belvoir Fruit Farms range comprises 14 different cordial varieties, 21 different pressés, two seasonal punches and three different cans, including organic and non-organic. All are available from wholesalers such as Matthew Clark, Bablake Wines, Amathus Wines, Hider and Cotswold Fayre.

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